Welcome to the Africa Business Panel

The African Economy has been steadily booming for the past decade and will boom even more in the next decade. There is an overflow of business opportunities for companies both inside and outside Africa, if you know where to look for them.

In a fast developing business environment like Africa, access to relevant, accurate and reliable market information is invaluable, and that is where we come in. The Africa Business Panel offers its clients market research and lead generation in Africa, essentially acting as the intermediairy between business opportunities and potential investors.

As a participant in the African Business Panel, you will benefit in several ways and at the same time, you will have no obligations whatsoever. You will decide if and when you want to participate. However, the more you participate in surveys, the better your chances of benefiting from your membership.

Why join? (what’s in it for you?)

  • Our Market Research is shared with you as a survey participant and can be used as benchmark
  • You will receive relevant business leads first, especially if you are a regular survey participant.
  • You are able to freely network with other panel members.
  • As a panel member, you will have a priority position in the publications of interviews, press releases and company profiles on our website AfricaBusinessCommunities.com
  • We reward a random selection of survey participants with Amazon gift cards that will get you items you like, from books to an iPad.
  • No obligations: you can indicate whether or not you want to participate in surveys.
Signing up takes only a couple of minutes. Join Now!

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