Market research agencies are asking for reliable data to integrate in their full service proposition.

Our approach

Africa Business Panel can support international and local market research agencies in delivering a high quality service to their clients.

You can choose from a menu of quantitative services based upon your needs and your own resources. We give you direct access to the African movers and shakers powering business across hundreds of industries and job titles. Our B2B panel members include IT decision makers, executive/upper management, small business owners, business decision makers, financial services professionals, contractors, HR professionals and much more.

You decide what kind of services you need: Full service, self-service or anything in between. It is up to you!

  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Innovation
  • Quality

Single point of contact

An experienced dedicated project director who handles all your requests.

30 years of experience in (online) research brings you the newest technology and methodologies, the best panels and all using proven, high quality standards.

  • Big data
  • Multiple devices
  • Real-time

Proprietary software

MSI-ACI'S research software supports the newest question types and devices allowing you to keep up with today's challenges.

  • Self service
  • A la carte services
  • Full service

Flexible services

You decide what kind of services you need; Full service, self-service or anything in between.

"We believe your world and the process of understanding and reaching business professionals is continuously changing"

Our key differentiators

Africa business panel – Your best and most reliable business partner for online research in Africa.

In today’s fast and ever changing online research environment you need a partner to support your research needs. In an emerging market like the African continent local knowledge is key to success.

Quality data delivered by a quality research company is what we promise you.

Flex Services

You decide what kind of services you need; full service, self-service or anything in between.
The days that standard solutions can answer all complex challenges are long over. That’s why we work with Flex Services custom developed for each client:


MSI-ACI’s research software supports the newest question types and devices allowing you to keep up with today’s challenges


Our researchers will select the best methodology to get you the best survey possible.


We’ll program your questionnaire, help pick the right question types and formats and set up advanced routing.


We work with certified translation agencies who can help you to ‘localize’ your surveys in almost any language


Our FlexPanel is a technology which gives you the option to use and blend different panel and sample sources for each study through one controlled platform (base platform)


By using our FlexPanel technology you will be assured of the best quality sample at the best price.

Proprietary Panel

Use sample from you own community and blend it with FlexPanel sample or a customer list.

Customer Sample

Upload your customer list. We will send out the questionnaire for you and collect responses.

Project management

You decide what kind of services you need; full-service, self-service or anything in-between

Overall Project management

Our team of project directors will manage your project for you, so you can focus on other things

Fieldwork monitoring

We track the response when it comes in and make sure you can finish your project on time.

Client Support

Questions? Our experts are on call to answer any question you have.

Data delivery

One integrated platform for programming, sampling, fieldwork monitoring and online reporting

Data Export

We make sure you get data in the desired format for you to analyze

Statistical Analysis

Our experts in both statistical techniques and the interpretation of results provide you with actionable insights


Our researchers can write a full report of your study with meaningful storytelling and detailed results

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